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Shipping Policy

McRichard Designer Brands Ltd is Shipping Free Worldwide

The usual delivery time inside the United Kingdom and Europe is 5-7 business days. The delivery time for shipping destinations outside the UK and Europe is 7-10 business days; however, delivery times may vary based on the delivery destination, and delivery times may also vary depending on where the goods or item is shipped from. We have warehouses in both Europe and the United States.
Allow 2-5 business days for us to process your order, depending on where the item(s) is/are being shipped from.

European Union and UK

All products are inclusive of VAT and Duties.

Shipping internationally outside of the UK and EU 

McRichard Designer Brands Ltd is utilising a delivery service called "Delivered At Place (DAP); another term is Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), as per Inco Terms 2000"

McRichard Designer Brands Ltd  will ship goods for free worldwide; however, consumers are responsible for paying all potential incurred costs to the shipping courier for the importation of goods, including import duties and taxes, and other charges upon receipt of goods.
This is owing to the fact that each country has its own set of tax rules and regulations.